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The Obama Zombies

Socialism is the wrong path for America

Obama, leader of the socialist Zombies.

What is wrong with American society today? Why do so many of the younger generation believe that they are entitled to a portion of everyone else's wealth? Why do they think they're owed a handout from the government? Where do these people think the government gets it's money? Don't these parasites know that the government does not create wealth and that the government takes wealth earned by productive people and redistributes that wealth.  Why do they think that the "rich" should "pay their fair share" when the "rich" pay over 80% of all the taxes collected by the federal government. It is true that over 50% of the people in America pay no federal income taxes and/or get a refund every year. It's been documented that some people that do not work at all get refunds! With out the "rich," there would be no job creation or wealth for that matter! Ask yourself, where do jobs come from? Did you ever get a job from a poor person?

Jobs are created by entrepreneurs (people) that take a risk by investing their money and time to create a business. As the business grows, the entrepreneur hires staff (people)to handle the new growth. As long as the business continues to grow, the business (people), staff (people) and the entrepreneur (people) are all successful. Successful people buy things like products or services and when they buy things, other people also become successful.

The Story of Joe the Evil Capitalist

Joe owns and operates a successful manufacturing business called Joe's Refurbished Auto Parts Inc.(Oooh, an EVIL corporation) that refurbishes and resells used auto parts. Joe started as a one man operation with nothing but a dream and ambition. After fifteen years of hard work and steady growth, Joe has opened a total of 6 locations in five states, employing a staff 20 at each location. That's 120 jobs that Joe has directly created. Joe pays his staff well, plus provides 401K, medical and dental coverage for each employee. In addition, Joe provides training for his employees.


Joe has been very successful and he's made enough to be able to purchase a small corporate jet so he can more easily visit his various locations. Joe's new jet requires that Joe hire a pilot, a crew, as well as hire a service company to maintain and service the company jet. That's even more jobs that Joe has created.

Joe also procures many other services and buys other products from service providers and product suppliers that help support his local business community as well as the economies of his satellite locations. Joe hires a local I.T. firm to manage his computer network, Joe buys his delivery vehicles from a local automobile dealer. Joe uses a local automotive service to maintain his vehicles. The list of businesses (people) that Joe's little corporation supports is wide reaching. Joe's purchasing has caused other companies to hire more help to service Joe's account. That's more jobs that Joe has helped to create.

Joe's business (yes, a corporation) is successful because of all of the the hard work that Joe and his employees have done over the years. Joe also has a wide base of satisfied customers that continue to place orders year after year.

Yes, Joe is a capitalist! Joe story is representative of millions of success stories that occur in the lives of real people that have worked hard to be successful and help others to be successful as well. It's a beautiful story that affirms the effectiveness of capitalism to create wealth for anyone that is that believes in themselves. This is the reason that America has been and still remains the best place in the world to become a success!

Joe is not a whining, worthless, wimp waiting for the government to come along with a handout of cradle to grave benefits! Joe is a go getter that relied on himself to become a success! Because of this, Joe is an American Hero!

The Obama Zombies

I am so disgusted with "Occupy Wall Street" mob and their nationwide spin-offs whining and complaining that the banks, corporations and capitalism is responsible the the bad economy and the lack of jobs. These folks are clearly left wing, socialists with the view that government is the great provider for the nation hand out takers. Obviously they are misguided America haters that have been fed a steady diet of of left-wing, socialist, anti-American pabulum. I agree, these skulls of liberal mush have a right to assembly and free speech but not at cost of restricting other's freedoms and ability to live and earn a living. I was not shocked rather disappointed to see that Obama, Pelosi, and several other high ranking Democrats have thrown their support behind this mob of mind numbed, liberal Zombies. I am sure these politicians feel right at home backing their communist buddies.

I am sickened by the disgusting, disrespectful behavior of this mob. I cannot believe the abject stupidity of this group and other America haters. This reveals and underscores how far left our media outlets, public school systems, colleges and universities have swayed over the last thirty years.

They've been teaching our kids to hate America and our true American history by rewriting history with a definite socialist, liberal, anti-American leaning. From the time the student enters school on through to graduation our kids are being shoveled a steady diet of revisionist history not American history. It's time for the media and our schools to clean up their acts, get back to telling and teaching the truth. Our schools need to return to teaching and promoting American Exceptionalism and the benefits of Capitalism.

Let's get back the the foundation and core beliefs that made this country great! As individuals let's get back to personal pride, honesty, morality and self sufficiency! In other words stop waiting for the government to steal from the rich and give you a handout because you're a liberal, loser and you don't have the gumption to do it yourself!

John Motsch 11/01/2011

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The Obama Fail Machine

Obama, your president for another four years.

 Don't blame me, you voted for him.