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Man Made Global Warming is a complete SCAM!

The liberal media, left-wing politicians, rabid socialists and nutty environmentalists want us to believe that humans have the ability to go up against the power of Mother Nature. What is man compared to the power of nature's colossal forces?  Can man control forest fires, lightning, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, solar flares or the sun? Absolutely not. All these and other natural forces have heated and cooled the Earth since the Earth was born. Man will probably never have the means to significantly effect the Earth's climate.

Global Warming since the Dawn of Time

Global warming throughout the ages explained.

Cambrian and Ordovician Global Warming caused by billions of prodigious, stinking, rotten Trilobites "cutting the cheese" in the vast oceans during the Cambrian era.

Silurian and Devonian Global Warming caused by exquisitely flatulent crinoids, brachiopods and early fish farting and defecating in the warm seas.

Triassic Global Warming caused by the explosion of vertebrates including early archosaurian dinosaurs. Everyone knows that Dinosaur air biscuits are extremely hot.

Jurassic Global Warming caused by colossal, gaseous dinosaurs like the T-Rex and the super gassy Brachiosaurus breaking wind and crapping everywhere.

Cretaceous You guessed it. Global Warming caused by more of those troublesome butt trumpeting dinosaurs and early bird like animals spewing odiferous methane into the air.

Tertiary This was the age of the monstrous wind blasting mammals. Enormous farting mammals like the Mastodon, Wooly Mammoth and immense, pooting whales caused global warming.

Today Fairly cool. Humans don't fart nearly as much as as mammoths, dinosaurs and trilobites.




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